Pop quiz: Think of an amazing feature you offer for all of your customers. Do you mention that feature on your webstore?

Alert reader Liesbeth recently shared with me an example of a company promoting something important that I never even thought to mention on our product listings.

Big Potato makes a game called Nice Buns, and in the product listing they include a mention of “Free replacement parts”. Now, many publishers–including Stonemaier Games–offer free replacement parts, but it’s just something we do. We don’t promote it on our product pages.

But why not? As Liesbeth mentioned to me, when she read this on the product listing, she was reassured as a customer that Big Potato would take care of her if the game arrived incomplete or if she lost a piece in the future. This gave her a good feeling about the company and relieved a potential stress point.

I talked to our web developer about this, and we’re in the process of revamping our product listings to organize information more like Big Potato does. Initially, we’ll include a mention of these bonus features:

Free replacement parts
20-day price guarantee
Real-time rule support in forums

While thinking about this, I have to say that it was an interesting (and somewhat difficult) exercise in finding the things we already do for our customers and products that are awesome but almost never highlighted. In any customer-focused company, these things become so engrained that you don’t think to mention them.

There’s always plenty of room for improvement, but for now I came up with the following list of things that could be added to a “bonus features” list. Some are product-specific, while others are more global:

fits on Kallax shelf
eco-friendly bags/wood/cardboard/etc
short setup time
colorblind friendly
language independence
continued support (no out of print as long as there’s demand)
character diversity (ethnicity, gender, age, etc)
level of playtesting (e.g., 100+ playtests)
easy-peel shrinkwrap
insert fits sleeved cards

What would you add to this list, either something awesome your company does or something many companies do that they should highlight more often on product listings?

Also, of these oft-unmentioned features, which are the most likely to increase your confidence in the product and the company? Here’s a poll to make it easier to share your thoughts:

Which of these features are the most appealing?
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