The past year and a half has definitely been a struggle for most people. Lockdowns and restrictions meant that I was at home most of the time. Life as I knew it came to a halt and the jelly art business that I was slowly building had to take a back seat. However, I was determined to continue progressing to hone my skills. I decided that I would upskill by learning to create various animals and characters.

The process to create one of these artworks takes a whole new level of patience and determination. To begin with, most characters will require carving to be done on the jelly canvas (I use seaweed jelly). Furs and feathers are made using a single needle injected and syringed literally thousands of times. The eyes of the character are the window to the soul. This can sometimes take up to 45 minutes just to create the perfect set! In total, a very complex piece of artwork might take me around 9 hours to complete.

As I started to produce more of these artworks, opportunities started knocking on my door. I was eventually involved in teaching online courses which give me the chance to spread this art form (something which never crossed my mind prior to the pandemic). With the help of a friend, I also found the courage to create my own YouTube channel named after my business “Jelly Alchemy” featuring all things jelly art. In the end, I am blessed to say that when one door closes, another one opens.

Here are some of the art pieces that I am proud to share.

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#1 Pretty Fox

#2 Tropical Toucan

#3 Christmas Inspired Peacock

#4 Lilac Breasted Roller

#5 Sonic The Hedgehog

#6 Trixie The Tiger

#7 This Is Me Taken Together With My Panda Art In Honour Of My Late Grandmother

#8 Joyful Pikachu

#9 Baby Sloth

#10 Christmas Robin

#11 Jurassic World

#12 Black Jelly Swan

#13 Super Mushroom

#14 Jelly Aquarium

#15 White Peacock

#16 Cute Rabbit

#17 Koi In The City

#18 Hello Kitty Mermaid

#19 Cute Koala Bear

#20 Beautiful Peacock

#21 Mermaid’s Tail

#22 My First Cat

#23 Pisces

#24 Koi Fish

#25 Duckling

#26 Magical Unicorn

#27 New Year Fish

#28 Miss Fluffy Buns Rabbit

#29 Halloween Pumpkin

#30 Snorlax

#31 Mythical Oriental Dragon

#32 Unicorn For A Little Girl

#33 A Contemporary Butterfly

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