Even the most amazing job has its moments of boredom. So I started to use those moments as a 15-minute break to photoshop random encounters and stupid stories.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

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#2 Embarrassed Myself And Took Some Days Off To Visit Some Old Friends

#3 Had An Amazing Day At Windsor Castle, But Finished Only Second Place In The Annually “Who Has The Coolest Balloon” Competition

#4 Had To Go Back To Basic Army Training, There Was Some Overly Aggressive Dude. I’m Starting To Regret My Decisions


#6 Shared A Beer With The Grown Up Wheelchair Kid From Malcolm In The Middle

#7 Had To Skin Some Kind Of Space Dog To Sneak Onto An Escaping UFO Thing. Very Mixed Cabin Crew, Homosexual Robots, An Incest Princess, A Space Thug… Crazy Times!

#8 Had An Amazing Field Trip With Vlad. He’s Still Trying To Convince Me To Drink Tea, No Idea, Why He’s So Persistent About It

#9 Saw A Meme Of Salt Bae And Undertook A Journey To Learn The Mystic Secrets Of Salt Sprinkling. Wasn’t My Cup Of Tea Though


#11 Damnit! Never Trust A Russian “Just One Beer”. Vlad Is A Freaking Beast On The Bottle!


#13 Went Back To Visit My Good Old Friend Pablo For Christmas. Here’s The Moment We Realized, That We Hadn’t A Single Present For Anyone Yet

#14 Don’t Worry, He Just Wants To Play!

#15 “His Fur Is Sweaty, Knees Weak, Paws Are Heavy / There’s Furball On His Leather Already, Mom Is Petting.” Won A Rap Battle Against Some Weak Spitting White Kid

#16 Dear Mom, Summer Camp Sucks

#17 Let Me Put It This Way: Do You See The Cloud Which Looks Like Nickelback’s Lead Singer Getting Choked By A Gorilla? Because That’s Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight.

#18 Note To Self: What TV Show Had The Worst Series Finale? Is It A Terrible Conversation Starter In This Pub?

#19 Went To Bat Country Afterward. Young Spiderman Joined Us On The Ride, Weird Kid

#20 Can’t Really Say I’m Happy Here, Kim Turned Out To Be A Nitpicky Micro Manager

#21 Stop! I Don’t Really Have Your Nose!


#23 What A Terrible Tour Guide – He Couldn’t Even Find The Beach And Has Some Serious Daddy Issues

#24 Alright, Let’s Get This “Russia” Probe Thing Done. Don, Are You Rea. Why Are You So Pale? You Ain’t Hiding Something, Are You?

#25 Rare Photograph Of The Very Moment Don & Kim Started Hating Uno

#26 Border Hopping With My Besties

#27 Met A Terrific Pal At The Wef. Goes By The Name Of Don. Great Hair

#28 Kim Offered Me A Job At His Military Theme Park. Too Bad I Didn’t Read The Email With The Dress Code

#29 Angie, A Good Old Friend Of Mine, Needed Some Comfort

#30 I Told You You Can’t Swim Yet … What Are You Guys Doing Back There?!

#31 Vlad Invited Me To Drink Tea With Him, No Idea Why Don Got Jealous

#32 Hakuna Matat’ing My Sunday Night Into Monday


#34 It’s Called Art Mum, Look It Up!


#36 Picture Of The Exact Moment I Told Him The Good News, That His Brother Was Actually Just South Of The Border The Whole Time

#37 I Love Golfing With Don! I Don’t Think He Ever Actually Hit The Ball, But We Both Always Pretend That He Did And That It Was An Amazing Shot. If Anyone Dares To Call It Out, We’ll Just Say It’s Fake News Or Pay Some Hush Money





#42 You Know, Jones, Great Leaders Get Rejected By Art Schools


#44 Took Part In A Table Tennis Competition, Won A Freaking Lamp


#46 If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them. Oh How The Tables Have Turned

#47 You Were Right. We Actually Look Like We’re Playing Panpipes At The Airport



#50 Met A Shrimp Salesman Who Offered Me Chocolate. Talked Him Out Of Chasing After Some Girl Named Jennaaay



#53 Founded A New Rap Crew: Leaders With Attitude. We Rap About The Struggles Of Not Being Gangster Enough

#54 I’ve Brought Kim Together With His Long Lost Brother

#55 I Got 99 Problems But A K.i.t.t. Ain’t One

Art – Bored Panda