Here at Design Cuts we are always keen to make sure we include you, our valued community, in decisions that will impact how we serve you in the long term, and today is no different…

We’re working on something behind the scenes at the moment with regard to our discount model and we’d love to get your feedback – our CEO Tom Ross explains:

So what’s happening?

We regularly run discounts on our newest and most popular products; trying to offer an introductory 30-50% off on all new products entering the marketplace, and we have our ongoing model; where the more you buy, the more you save – saving up to 50% off when you purchase 5 products or more.

Currently there’s the ability for both of these scenarios to run in tandem together. So a brand new product could enter our marketplace at 50% off for 2 weeks at launch and if added to your basket with 4 other products could then have an additional 50% discounted; seeing a whopping 75% off of a brand new product. So a $20 product, could effectively be purchased for just $5.

What’s the challenge?

Understandably some designers aren’t comfortable with their brand new product, that they’ve worked incredibly hard on, being discounted by up to 75% right off the bat. It’s quite a lot to ask. From our side, this means we cannot always secure a discount on new products launching in the marketplace; because currently all products are included in our rolling discount model, or we cannot convince some designers to include their products in our marketplace at all; because the potential discount they have to provide is too great.

What are we thinking?

As always we’re trying to ensure we do right by everyone, both our community and our designers.

We believe an elegant solution is to continue to offer our introductory discounts on new products and continue to offer our regular discount model where you can save up to 50% the more you buy, but no longer offer them together. So when a product is running a launch discount it cannot be run in conjunction with any other offer; which is typically what you will find anywhere.

We think this is a reasonable middle ground, which will not only benefit designers, but will also enable us to ensure we can offer introductory discounts at a greater scale – so you won’t need to buy 5 products to get a 50% discount on that one new product, where a designer currently hasn’t been willing to offer an additional discount at launch.

Granted, you may not see such extreme discounts on some products, but we will be able to work with more designers, who are currently reticent about joining us because of such heavy discounting, and we will be able to bring you even more single discounted products instead.

For clarity…

We are NOT getting rid of our current discount model, where the more you buy the more discount you receive; enabling you to save up to 50% when you buy 5 products or more.

We are considering the idea of removing new products already on discount from the model, so they are not being discounted twice, enabling us to bring even more designers and products into the marketplace.

But, before we implement this change, we genuinely want to know what you think. This isn’t a decision we are taking lightly and it also isn’t something we just want to spring on you, without gathering your input/feedback.

What we need from you

Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think. We will be reading and responding to every piece of feedback and your input is truly valued.

Thank you and we really appreciate your help in making this crucial decision.

The DC Team

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