Here at Design Cuts we are always keen to make sure we keep you in the loop, our valued designers, with decisions that will impact how we serve you in the long term, and today is no different…

We’re working on some changes to our discount model in favour of our store owners and we’d love to hear your feedback – our CEO Tom Ross explains:

So what’s happening?

As you know, many store owners at Design Cuts like to offer an ‘introductory discount’ when launching new products on our platform. This is fantastic, and definitely helps to drive those early sales. However, we realised that when combined with our ‘up-sell incentive discount’ (e.g. where customers are encouraged to buy up to 5 products to save more), this was resulting in a ‘double discount’ in specific cases. 

What are we thinking?

We believe that it’s the right strategy that only one discount can be applied at any one time. Essentially, you can still offer introductory discounts if you choose, and customers will still be encouraged to purchase multiple products via your store – we just don’t want to allow the possibility of customers ‘double discounting’ any of your products. 

What our customers think…

As with any change here at Design Cuts, we feel it’s important to speak openly with both our customers and shop owners. The data supports that this is the right decision and will help to increase your shop revenue. We’re also happy to say that we’ve run this by our customers and the feedback has been incredibly positive. Customers totally accept the idea of a ‘single discount limit’ and believe it’s the right strategy to support you – the store owners. 

When is the change happening?

This update is planned to be released tomorrow, but we would absolutely welcome your feedback. Hopefully everyone feels that this is a fairer discount model that will increase your overall product earnings.

What else is on the horizon?

Alongside this update, we’re planning some very exciting things for our store owners. These include a regular newsletter, featuring hot product trends, ideas for new releases, educational content and case-studies to help you improve sales, and updates about what Design Cuts is doing to support you.

We continue to be humbled by the talent shown by all of our store owners and are still proud to be the most curated, high quality design marketplace in the world.  We look forward to sharing more updates with you all soon.

The DC Team

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