Art by Thomas Chamberlain-Keen

ArtStation Community Challenges help you to improve your skills, connect with and learn from other artists, create new material for your portfolio and show the ArtStation Community what you’re capable of. We hope you’re ready because an exciting new ArtStation Community Challenge begins now.

The theme of the ninth ArtStation Community Challenge is Untamed: When Animals Ruled the World. We’re challenging artists to imagine a world where animals/creatures have evolved to be the peak lifeforms on Earth.

Join the Challenge

What we’re looking for is your ability to breathe life into real or imagined creatures and their stories in a world without humans. Creatures can be evolved from familiar species or they can be new species entirely.

The Challenge started with four Concept Art categories (Keyframe Design, Character Design, Environment Design and Prop Design) running for four weeks. We then opened up four Production categories (Game Character Art, Game Environment/Level Art, Film/VFX Character Art and Prop Art) which started at the conclusion of the Concept Art categories on 18 October 2021.

Enter Phase 2 (Production Phase)

You can now register for the Concept art categories and begin the challenge.

Game Character Art (real-time)

Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)

Game Environment/Level Art (real-time)
Prop Art (rendered)

Challenge Hosts

In order to help you push your submission to the next level, each category has hosts to give constructive feedback on your updates and general tips along the way. We’ve doubled the hosts for this challenge to improve artist feedback.

Bogna Gawrońska (CD PROJEKT RED): Keyframe Design
Rembert Montald (Riot Games): Keyframe Design
Suzanne Helmigh (Ghostfire Gaming): Character Design
Thomas Chamberlain-Keen (Playground Games): Character Design
Randall Mackey (Freelance): Environment Design
Grace Liu (Monomi Park): Environment Design
Marina Ortega (Freelance): Prop Design
Elodie Mondoloni (Freelance): Prop Design
Karen Stanley (Ubisoft Toronto)Game Environment/Level Art (real-time)
Javier Perez (PlayStation Studios Visual Arts)Game Environment/Level Art (real-time)
Gavin Goulden (Insomniac Games)Game Character Art (real-time)
Yekaterina Bourykina (Riot Games)Game Character Art (real-time)
Hasan Bajramovic (Gate21/Blur Studio)Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)
Magdalena Dadela (Blur Studio)Film/VFX Character Art (rendered)
Dorine Laplanche (Cyanide)Prop Design

Challenge Judges

The judging panel for Untamed: When Animals Ruled the World is wild!

Terryl Whitlatch
Christian Alzmann
Craig Mullins
Virginie Bourdin
Claire Hummel
Devon Fay
Finnian MacManus
Sandra Duchiewicz
Conar Cross
Tyler Smith

Share your Progress

An important part of ArtStation Challenges is posting WIPs so that the judges and viewers can see how you came to your end result and can give feedback along the way.

The official challenge hashtag is #UntamedChallenge. Share your progress with us and others using the hashtag when you post updates on your other social media.


The concept art challenges began on Tuesday 21st September 2021 and closed on Monday 18th October 2021. The production challenges will began on Monday 18th October 2021 and the entry deadlines are Monday 6th December 2021. The deadline to register for the production challenges is Monday 29 November 2021.


A number of countries and provinces have competition/contest legislation that makes it impractical to run our contest in its current form (Italy, Brazil and Quebec). We’ll continue to investigate solutions for future challenges, but right now it’s not possible to include these locations.

Good luck!

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