I’m the artist Zeke’s Lunchbox and I’ve been working on my own tarot deck for the last three years! It’s finally ready. Here are ten of my favorite cards. If you like it then please support my Kickstarter!

More info: zeke.ink

#1 The Four Of Swords – It Looks Like The Three Swords Killed The Fourth One And Now They’re Hovering Over Him Like “You Ded”.

#2 The Knight Of Swords – I Can’t Think Of A Thing I’d Want To Change About This One. Every Element Is Perfect!

#3 The Wheel Of Fortune – What Comes Up Must Come Down.

#4 The Queen Of Wands – She’s Just So Regal And I Love Her Profile.

#5 The Empress – Perfect Balance Of Feminine, Powerful And Baddie.

#6 Strength – I Was Going For That Epic Fantasy Pose. There’s Always A Lady And A Magical Beast.

#7 The Sun – This Card Is About Pure Joy And Whenever I Show It To People It Puts A Smile On Their Face.

#8 The World – This One Was A Really Fun Study In Dynamic Poses. She Belongs On A Comic Book Cover.

#9 The Three Of Swords – This One Low Key Belongs On An Early Naughties Trucker Hat.

#10 The Ten Of Pentacles (I Call Them Coins) – I Had An Asian Money Tree In Mind When I Painted This One.

Art – Bored Panda