I’m drawn to people who actively share the love of their industry and community beyond just their own products.

There’s really two parts to this statement:

Share the love: People use social media in different ways. Some use it to primarily talk about things they enjoy and are excited about while others use it to complain, insult, bully, and hate. While every human being is a nuanced brew of opinions, perspectives, and experiences, we’re able to shape ourselves and our impact on the world based on what we choose to share (and who we follow). Do you elevate a movie you enjoyed or bash on a movie you loathed? Personally, I feel more enriched by following and engaging with those who share the love.
Beyond just their own products: While it’s important for any creator to share their passion for their creations, it can come across as myopic if that’s all they share. I talked about this in a 2020 post in which I wrote, “When I hear James Hudson sharing a game he’s excited about or when I watch a review from Ed Baraf, it makes me even more inclined to support their products…. Every time I listen to Gabe Barrett on the Board Game Design Lab podcast or Peter and Mike on the One-Stop Co-op Shop podcast, my trust of their design skills increases, as it’s clear that they’re learning from a variety of games.”

This idea of sharing the love has grown from a personal mantra of mine to a core philosophy at Stonemaier Games, starting with my game design YouTube channel in 2014. Aside from a few guest appearances, I mostly just discuss what I–Jamey–love about games, despite Stonemaier Games now having 2 other full-time employees (Alex and Joe).

Recently, Alex mentioned that he saw a “Brands We Love” page on a clothing website, and he got excited about it for the reasons mentioned above. I liked the idea of creating a page on the Stonemaier website where each of us could share beloved brands, thus offering a collective range of perspectives instead if just mine.

At first we were going to use the same concept–brands we love in the game industry–but we found that we admire a lot of other brands as a whole, but it was hard to anchor that category without accidentally leaving someone out.

Instead, we went with a few categories that were easier to identify in the moment (though we each chose slightly different approaches). Categories like “campaign game,” “digital game,” and “book” (yes, there are some non-gaming categories).

We’ve each set a reminder on our calendars to update our lists and archive the old list once every 2-3 months, so if you enjoy seeing what we love now, feel free to check back in the future too.

Without further ado, here is our “Stuff We Love” page!

Have you seen other companies sharing the love in this way? I’d love to see some examples of how they do it.


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