“Closer… Closer… Perfect!” These must be the words that entail every macro, micro, and close-up photographer’s snapshot. Or at least I would like to think so, because in reality, they must be so focused-in on their shot they don’t even have the luxury of breathing.

In any case, close-up photography is very interesting, not only in terms of taking the photo, but also from the viewer’s end. Close-up photography reveals layers, scales and worlds which are often unnoticed by the naked eye.

It’s very important that those who specialize in such type of photography get the appreciation they deserve. Enter the Close-up Photographer of the Year contest (or CUPOTY in short), a competition ran by a photographer husband and wife duo, who for three consecutive years have awarded the best photos in the field.

More info: cupoty.com | Instagram | Facebook | twitter.com

#1 3rd Place Winner | Insects

Magic Spores

Image credits: Bernhard Schubert

#2 2nd Place Winner | Manmade


Image credits: Bruno Militelli

#3 Young Close-Up Photographer Of The Year Winner

Rat in Tyre Hub

Image credits: Ezra Boulton

#4 Overall Winner & Insects Winner

Insect Diversity

Image credits: Pål Hermansen

#5 2nd Place Winner | Micro

Heaven and Earth

Image credits: Don Komarechka

#6 3rd Place Winner | Young


Image credits: Anton Trexler

#7 Micro Winner

Spiral Beauty

Image credits: Håkan Kvarnström

#8 2nd Place Winner | Intimate Landscape


Image credits: David Southern

#9 2nd Place Winner | Plants & Fungi

Cup Fungi Lachnum Niveum

Image credits: Andy Sands

#10 Finalist | Animals

Triplets in Green

Image credits: Johan De Ridder

#11 Underwater Winner

Circular Octopus

Image credits: Alessandro Grasso

#12 Plants & Fungi Winner

Holy Parachute

Image credits: Barry Webb

#13 2nd Place Winner | Animals


Image credits: Svetlana Ivanenko

#14 3rd Place Winner | Intimate Landscape


Image credits: Jakub Ondruch

#15 Animals Winner

Dancing in the Dark

Image credits: Juan J. González Ahumada

#16 2nd Place Winner | Insects

Ants and Hornet

Image credits: Petr Bambousek

#17 2nd Place Winner | Butterflies & Dragonflies

Painted Lady in the Garden

Image credits: Andrew Fusek Peters

#18 3rd Place Winner | Animals

Tiny Details

Image credits: Lili Sztrehárszki

#19 Intimate Landscape Winner

Juncture Y

Image credits: Daragh Muldowney

#20 3rd Place Winner | Manmade

Combs in Colour Silhouette

Image credits: Elizabeth Kazda

#21 Finalist | Micro

Outer Layer of a Medica Facel Mask

Image credits: Alexander Klepnev

#22 2nd Place Winner | Young

Colours Through Spider’s Eye

Image credits: Sudith Rodrigo

#23 Finalist | Insects


Image credits: Ripan Biswas

#24 Manmade Winner

Waves Crashing

Image credits: Rachel McNulty

#25 3rd Place Winner | Butterflies & Dragonflies

Damsel in Dinner

Image credits: Aniket Rangnath Thopate

#26 2nd Place Winner | Underwater

The Birth

Image credits: Filippo Borghi

#27 3rd Place Winner | Micro

Odd Air Bubbles Formed Between Slide and Cover Slip

Image credits: Marek Miś

#28 Butterflies & Dragonflies Winner

Mating Underwater

Image credits: Ripan Biswas

#29 3rd Place Winner | Underwater

Gobys with Eggs

Image credits: Enrico Somogyi

#30 3rd Place Winner | Plants & Fungi

Dill Seed Heads

Image credits: Paula Cooper

Photography – Bored Panda