You can’t bring back the past. But you can recreate it. And when you do, take a photograph and submit it to the subreddit r/PastAndPresentPics. Everyone else does.

Whether it’s a quirky childhood memory, a romantic teenage moment, or an honorable ancestral tribute, these guys welcome it all. 

To give you an idea of how to pull it off, we at Bored Panda hand-picked a selection of the best posts we could find on the subreddit and even managed to have a friendly chat with the moderators about everything that goes on in this wholesome online community.

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#1 Same Pride, Same Couple 25 Years Later (2017)

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#2 It’s All I Wanted For My 60th Birthday

Image credits: madbear

#3 40 Years Later…

Image credits: bitbot2000

#4 When The Student Pulls A Reverse Uno On The Teacher..

Image credits: AratrikD

#5 My Son And I Planted Our Faces On A Copier, Then And Now

Image credits: dittidot

#6 My Parents Took Pictures Of Us Asleep In Weird Positions When We Were Kids. We Recreated The Photos As Adults, But Just Look Like A Bunch Of Drunks!

Image credits: Bsnargleplexis

#7 I Found An Old Pic Of Me Playing Computer Games. As It Turns Out I Haven’t Changed Very Much

Image credits: Bleep-bloop3000

#8 Me As A Baby Wearing A Ridiculous Wig vs. Me At 21 With The Hair I Ended Up Growing

Image credits: smilingsun

#9 34 Years Apart.

Image credits: St3zus

#10 My Sister And I Graduating Headstart vs. Us Graduating College

Image credits: void590

#11 The Most Poignant Pastandpresent Pic I’ve Seen To Date

Image credits: 1916

#12 Every Five Years From 1982-2012, Five Men Take The Same Photo At Their Cabin At Copco Lake In California. They Plan On Adding A 2017 Photo This Summer.

Image credits:

#13 Biff Got What He Deserved After Almost 35 Years.

Image credits: 305FUN

#14 They Were Neighbours Since The Birth, The Photo Was Taken On The Bride’s 3th Birthday By Her Parents

Image credits: nguoiphanxu

#15 My Mother Made Me The 2 Year Old Outfit And The 39 Year Old Outfit

Image credits: Sluggerknuckles

#16 Steve And Robert Irwin Feeding The Same Crocodile 15 Years Apart

Image credits: Long-Afternoon

#17 This Famous Photo Of A 12yr Old Afghan Girl And Her 18 Years Later (Photo By Steve Mccurry)

Image credits: earthmoonsun

#18 15 Years Later And We Still Have That Mall Photo Shoot Swagger!

Image credits: malencross

#19 For My Mom’s 60th Birthday, My Brothers, My Cousin And I Recreated A Photo From My First Day Of Kindergarten.

Image credits: tyree731

#20 Picture On The Right Went Viral Recently. 33 Years Later The Same Protagonists Recreated It

Image credits: TheCapChronicles

#21 My Sister And I, 1992 And 2014

Image credits: stillakilla

#22 Passing Down The Baby Express To My Own Son

Image credits: squirrelslife

#23 Couple At Woodstock 48 Hrs After They Met And 50 Years Later

Image credits: downwarddawg

#24 15 Years Of Anniversaries. Can You Tell When It Stopped Being Taken With A Digital Camera And Began Being Taken With A Phone?

Image credits: thezombiesaurus

#25 24 Years In Between

Image credits: Ramenazi

#26 Only A Few Months Apart.

Image credits: St3zus

#27 My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood

Image credits: DominicOH

#28 He’s Come Such A Long Way. Much Love For Steveo

Image credits: DeadLiftForSpaghetti

#29 Brothers In A Bathtub. 20 Years Apart.

Image credits: stenchi

#30 Pop Wanted To Recreate His Childhood Santa Photo

Image credits: Shadrack_Meshax

#31 23 Years

Image credits: cjs81268

#32 Faithful Little Desk Buddy

Image credits: commonvanilla

#33 My Wife And I During A Dance In Sixth Grade And Then On Our Wedding Day

Image credits:

#34 17 Years Apart – 2004 Cicada Brood —> 2021 Cicada Brood

Image credits: tarobubbletea2

#35 Every Year, My Siblings And I Take Our “Christmas Juicebox Photo”. This Is Year 11, But I Didn’t See Them Because Of Covid. So My Sister Photoshopped Me In!

Image credits: Buttered_CopPorn

#36 From A Ten Your Old Cub Scout To A 27 Year Old Eagle Scout (Even The Hat Is The Same. Go Braves!!!)

Image credits: ithacancypher2k

#37 Same Beach, 25 Years Apart.

Image credits: AlexRudi

#38 My Grandma And Dad 1966 And 2020

Image credits: Jamescovey

#39 Same Photo Nearly 30 Years Apart.. I Am The Baby In The First Photo And Holding My Son In The Second Mlcphotography

Image credits: brooke7001

#40 Me And My Bros – Part 2.

Image credits: guilhasbranc0

#41 Tony Hawk Around 1983 And Earlier This Year At Sanoland In Cardiff, Ca

Image credits: notbob1959

#42 My Mom Holding Me 1979, My Mom Holding My Daughter In The Same Dress 2019.

Image credits: MichaellaJane

#43 My Grandma’s Lebanese Passport Picture From 1955 (Left) And Me In The Present (Right). Christmas Gift To My Dad Last Year

Image credits: afterlife121

#44 Ellen Degeneres And Her Prom Date Richard In 1976 And In 2005

Image credits: notbob1959

#45 New Year’s Eve In Kosovo – 1998 And 2020

Image credits:

#46 I’ve Never Been Particularly Photogenic…

Image credits: Zaptagious

#47 My Dog, In The Same Spot, At 1 Year Old And 11 Years Old.

Image credits: qdotbones

#48 I Came To This Courtroom With My Class In Kindergarten. Today, 14 Years Later, I Finished My Internship With The Judge In The Same Courtroom.

Image credits: DJDANDERBILT

#49 Timeless.

Image credits: livingroomipad

#50 I Convinced My Parents To Reenact Their Wedding Photo 45 Years Later, Including The Same Dress

Image credits: mattkruse

#51 My Grandpa In The Middle With His Sister Annetta On His Left With Their Best Friends 1927 vs. 1992

Image credits: deraudawg

#52 On The Left Was Mother In 1980. Now In 2014, Her Daughter.

Image credits: DroidsRugly

#53 15 Years Later…

Image credits:

#54 My Daughter, Age 2 In 1998 On The Left, My Granddaughter, Age Two In 2019 On The Right

Image credits: peachcobblerincident

#55 A Few Of My Friends Who Gave Me Permission To Post This Here, 6 Years Apart

Image credits: hauntedimage

#56 20th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: wishusluck

#57 Playing With A Cricket, 1980s And 2020

Image credits: Long-Afternoon

#58 My Little Brother Cleaning The Toilet, Seven Years And A Bathroom Remodel Later

Image credits: PetrichorEnigma

#59 Follow Up To The One We Posted Last Night….

Image credits: ToyBoxStudiosDC

#60 Rush

Image credits: markshure

#61 Perfect Past And Present Strangers

Image credits: professor_doom

#62 My Four Brothers And I In 1997 vs. 2017

Image credits: Scared_By_A_Smile

#63 My Sis And I Did A Series Of Throwbacks – This Is Definitely The Best One. Circa 1994 vs. 2015

Image credits: anneontherox

#64 My Brother And I, 1990-2017

Image credits: PatFnDuffy

#65 Minor Threat’s 1985 Salad Days Album Cover Recreated In 2021

Image credits: zereldalee

#66 My Son’s First Days Of School, K-12

Image credits: dittidot

#67 Another Recreation That We Did For Our Nana’s Photo Album! This One Was Particularly Important To Do Because She Carries The Original In A Little Compact Mirror/Photo In Her Handbag.

Image credits: hanwestwood

#68 My Father And I At The Same Spot On Table Mountain… 30 Years Apart

Image credits: picardi

#69 Mom And Dad 1983 > 2019

Image credits: mymomismybff

#70 40+ Years Later

Image credits: markobeardo

#71 In 1989 I Loved A Perm And A Scrunchie Or Three, And I Recently Recreated The Style For An 80’s Night In Edinburgh.

Image credits: Stormjunior

#72 18 Years And Counting Of Being Best Friends With U/Profemory. Ages 5 And 23.

Image credits: TrekkieTay

#73 My Wife And I Recreating Our Picture Atop The Seattle Space Needle 25 Years Apart (1994-2019)

Image credits: PowerWindows85

#74 My Boyfriend And I Discovered We Had Matching Photos As Ninja Turtles-Obsessed Preschoolers. We Knew What Had To Happen Next.

Image credits: EricaH121

#75 20+ Years Of Friendship And Counting

Image credits: birrdieface

#76 Father & Son, The Very First & Last Space Shuttle Launch, 30 Years Apart

Image credits: NateTrib

#77 Gatorland Zoo In Florida.

Image credits: Brewskiman

#78 Bride And Maid Of Honour, Then And Now

Image credits: snapdragon90

#79 Me In 1995 And 2010, British Columbia

Image credits: leamusse

#80 2007/2019 – Guess I Should Have Brought The Hat To The Wedding

Image credits: Lonelyland

#81 My Parents By Their Tree In 1975 And Now In 2016

Image credits:

#82 Christmas Present For My Mom. ~27 Years Apart.

Image credits: carltbowden

#83 1999 & 2019

Image credits: urbansombrero7011

#84 Bomb Pops 1997 & 2020

Image credits: Shhhteppe

#85 3 Sisters, 37 Years Apart. I Don’t Know Why It Took Us So Long To Make One Of These.

Image credits: emilyalamode

#86 A Picture Of Jesse Jackson And Beto O’rourke 37 Years Apart

Image credits: hotdogcolors

#87 1991 – 2019

Image credits: 8Smile

#88 Me And My Kids! (2005 @ Recife-Pe-Brazil – 2018 @ Tucson-Az-USA)

Image credits: lvcabral

#89 3 Brothers From Italy, Early 1960s/2011 (My Nonno Is On The Left)

Image credits: Gero4603

#90 My Dad Returned To London 37 Years Later (1979 vs. 2016)

Image credits: greenman787

#91 Well, We Tried… Cousins. All Born About Three Months Apart. 24 Years Difference Here.

Image credits: brenthonydantano

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