Designers consider children’s creativity a major source of inspiration and some companies can benefit from it. In making labels for all sorts of products, for instance. Initial trials have shown that both children and adults react faster and more warmly to labels created by kids. Children’s work is astonishingly varied, original and vivid. It radiates humor, gentle irony and an immediately perceptible positivity.

“Label things, not people”—that is the theme of a competition an art school in Kaunas, Lithuania, organized for school kids in the city. “Every year Lithuania has a ‘No Bullying’ week with a lot of public discussion about tolerance and knowing how to understand and accept different people even if they’re not like us,” says Jurgita Delonaitė-Meškienė from the art school, who came up with the initiative. “Our idea was to draw young people’s attention to this topic not by lecturing them, but in a creative way, so we invited children to freely illustrate the core idea.”

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#1 Black Tea With Lemon

The competition’s initiator invited all kids in the metropolitan area to participate and also put together a jury of well-known Lithuanian artists and designers. A total of 112 children took part in the competition. From among their submissions, the jury selected 40 winning works.

#2 Do Not Be Afraid To Be Yourself

#3 Dandelion Milk

#4 Cherry Juice

#5 Cactus Juice

Even more of the submissions were labels for products thought up by the children themselves. Among the most popular were juices, ice cream, honey and a variety of sweets. In naming products, the kids showed a remarkable sense of humor and inventiveness: “Hornets’ Nest Honey”, “Sweet and Sour Teachers’ Apples”, “Dandelion Milk Straight from Lithuania’s Fields!”, “Cactus Juice”, “Curly Popcorn”, “Happy Juice”, “Lemon Marmalade”, “Happy Tomato Juice”, “Angry Peppers”, “Happy Tomatoes”, “Rose Honey”, “Bunny Ice Cream”, “Jolly Ice Cream”, “Sweet Honey”, “The Most Delicious Honey – Only Here”, “Puffy-cheek Tomato Juice”, “Space Juice”, “Big-eyed Ice Cream”, “Heart Like a Berry”.

#6 Honey

#7 Chocolate Pudding

Label and packaging manufacturer Aurika was impressed by the submissions and printed the labels that participants had created for presentation to the children themselves and for a display in the courtyard of the art school.

“We were impressed by the sincerity and artistry of the labels that the school children created. These works could absolutely be successfully used for real products since the labels immediately catch your eye and advertise the chosen products extremely well,” said Justas Ivanauskas, representative of Aurika. “We plan to make this type of initiative an ongoing tradition since we believe manufacturers will be interested in child-designed labels and use them for their products.”

#8 Connection

#9 Curly Popcorn

We are sharing the winning entries from the competition and would like to know your opinion: which of them would be most suitable for real products?

#10 Dialogue

#11 Food Is Love

#12 Hornet’s Nest

#13 Be Like Bear With Disco Headphones

#14 Monopoly

#15 Humans Don’t Need Labels

#16 Jasmine Tea For Relaxation

#17 Lemon Marmalade

#18 Just An Attitude

#19 Horsepower Chips

#20 Heart Like A Berry

#21 It’s Fun Juice

#22 The Tea Of Friendship

#23 We’re All Humans

#24 The Perfume

#25 The Dance

#26 Teachers Apple

#27 Support

#28 Strawberry Milk

#29 Something Sweet For Every Monday

#30 Social Loneliness

#31 Small But Mighty

#32 Read Hear Dye

#33 Rainbow Chips With Fruit Flower

#34 Pink Elephants

#35 No Name

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