Hello, my name is Simon Dell, also known as Mr. Tographer.

Being a wildlife photographer and after discovering a family of mice by the brambles in my garden, I set about creating a little world and place for the mice to live, building them tiny homes in the style of hobbit houses, all equipped with everything a tiny home should have, such as tables, chairs, and even little small plates, bowls, and mugs, all crafted by hand from wood scraps. The mice soon moved into the little homes and started interacting with the tiny props I would make them. All this started back in 2018, and since then, we have had many generations of mice and seen lots of babies grow from tiny mice to adults and soon become parents or even grandparents. Collecting fruits, nuts, and berries from the local trees, the mice get a large selection of food to nibble on daily along with some peanuts and seed as a treat; we even mix a little peanut butter with water to fill the tiny mugs, often calling it peanut butter beer. What started as one mouse home soon became a whole mouse village as I built and crafted to ensure every mouse had a house or place to hide and keep safe or shelter from the rain. By night I place over a wire net cover to keep the little guys safe and by day spend many hours just watching the little guys running around or investigating the little things I made them. Here are just some of the many thousands of images I have captured of the mice over the years. I hope you enjoy my little mouse world and be sure to pop over to our Facebook pages to see more. “The mouse by the brambles ” and “George the mouse in a log pile house.”

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#1 This Little Mouse Is Looking A Little Tired After Helping Me Dig Over The Veg Patch

#2 Someone Told The Mouse The Moon Is Made Of Cheese So He Built Himself A Rocket

#3 This Little Mouse Has A Real Talent For Painting And Often Paints Pictures Of The Funny Hoomin With The Camera


#5 I Got The Mice A Microphone. Not My Best Idea As They Sing Day And Night And Mice Are Not The Best Singers

#6 This Is Often What Greets Me In The Garden Most Mornings As They Wait At The Doors For Me To Bring Peanuts

#7 Some Call Him The Mighty Mouse

#8 When The Weather Is Fine You Know It’s The Time For Messin’ About On The River


#10 One Of The Mice Giving Mr. Acorn A Push Start On His Motorcycle

#11 Lots Of Flowers Grow Around The Garden And The Mice, Being Very Curious, Often Stick Their Heads In Almost Anything Searching For A Snack

#12 Not Every Day You See A Tiny Mouse Making A Tiny Toy Wooden Boat

#13 Little Post Master Mouse Is Off To Deliver The Mail

#14 The Mice Even Have A Large House On The Hill Where They Love To Sit Out In The Conservatory On Rainy Days

#15 Another Of The Mice Out In The Garden Preparing A Tasty Meal And Enjoying A Mug Of Peanut Butter Beer

#16 “Mr. Tographer, My Dish Is Empty”

#17 She Did Try To Call Mr Tographer For Help But All He Could Hear Was The Muffled Sound Of A Voice

#18 Little Mouse Is Thinking Of Doing A Spot Of Fishing On The Wildlife Pond


#20 Little Mouse Having Fun At The Beach

#21 Little Mouse Thinks The Only Way To Get A Drink Is Go Down The Well In The Bucket

#22 “If I Water It Do You Think A Mouse Tree Will Grow?”

#23 “Hey Facebook Peoples, Come Build Sand Castles With Me”

#24 As You Can See, The Mice Have Many Homes Even A Network Of Tubes At The Back So They Can Move Around The Garden In Safety


#26 The Mouse By The Brambles Having A Little Nibble On A Black Berry

#27 “Mr. Tographer Just One Wittle Ride”

#28 When Mousey Got Stuck The Chimney He Began To Shout “You Girls And Boys Won’t Get Any Toys If You Don’t Pull Me Out”

#29 “Sunflowers? What Sunflowers ? No, Sorry, I Have Not Seen Them”

#30 Soon Be That Time Of Year Again

Photography – Bored Panda