Hi! My name is Anna, I’m a restoration artist, I am engaged in decorative arts and easel painting.

One of the main things in my work is the orientation towards the style of Orientalism, even in art school, I often took examples from Western orientalist artists, I looked at the bright paintings of Vereshchagin, at the Turkish baths in the paintings of Dominic Ingres, admired the paintings and the collection of African masks by Pablo Picasso.

And 7 years ago, I was able to see and wander through the eastern streets and markets and see the whole flavor of an oriental fairy tale. My first trip took place in Cairo, after which I painted for the first time a picture with a focus on Orientalism.

Now at the university I study gilding and oriental miniature and continue to be inspired by the travels and paintings of great masters.

I work in different techniques, but in almost every job I use different gilding (sheet metal, liquid metal …)

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