A photographic journey through Tenerife, Spain, imagined as a voyage to various planets outside the solar system.

#1 As She Landed On The Luscious Surface Of The Volcanic Shore, She Began To Wonder How Long It Would Take Before It Would Be Swallowed By The Dark Ocean. She Looked Me In The Eyes And Her Energy Flowed Through The Almost Unbreathable Air, Once More Confirming She Had Arrived Here From Far Far Away

#2 Home Was Calling. She Was Ready To Go

#3 The Ocean Here Was At Reflux, So She Could Climb The Layers Of Rocks And Explore The Cliffy Planet. In Her White Suit She Could Hide, Yet Be Visible At The Same Time. After All, She Had Traveled For So Long That She’d Forgotten The Notion Of Home

#4 She Finally Was Able To Rest On A Bed Of Rocks, Listening To The Sound Of The Waves. The Green Moss Comforted Her Skin, While Tiny Raindrops Of Water Besprinkled Her Feet. It Was Here She Found Herself Closer To A Home

#5 She Finally Found Herself On A Planet Where Life Abounded. The Air Was Mystical And The Lusty Smell Of The Forest Veiled The Whole Atmosphere. She Was Joyful, And As She Inhaled And Exhaled, She Felt Like Truly Belonging, Although Her Time Here Wasn’t Long

#6 Her First Encounter With Creatures Happened Here. She Was In Awe With Their Beauty And When She Found Out They Were Immortal, She Asked Herself What Time Was Anyway. She Watched The Jellyfish Slowly Drift Away, While Her Mind Wandered Through Unconscious Territories

#7 The Time Had Approached For Her To Go. She Climbed The Cliffs Once More, To Watch The View From Above, Before Visiting Her Last Planet

#8 As She Landed Above The Bed Of Clouds, She Remained Silent And Contemplated The Waves Of Whiteness. Distanced From All She Had Ever Known, All She Could Do Was Gasp

#9 She Took A Moment To Rest, For She Had Been Gone For Long. Too Long, She Thought, As She Pondered Over How Much She Missed Home. As The Ocean Hit The Piercing Cliffs, Her Heart Skipped Beats, But Her Mind Was Calm, Whispering Home, Home, Home

Photography – Bored Panda