I started with macro 5 years ago. I was inspired because it is a very underrated subject in photography and incredibly difficult to do. I have sold my macro equipment because I can’t combine it anymore with my wildlife photography. Never have I taken a course—making mistakes and trying again over and over is the best way to learn things. I’m happy to say now that I won a prize with one of these pictures. I hope you have fun looking at these pictures as I had fun making them. Peace.

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#1 Jumping Spider

#2 Hover Fly

I’m happy to announce that this picture got a lot of social media attention:

Finalist National Geographic photography contest, 2019

Winner Dutch photo challenge contest, 2019

Honorable Mention Annual Photography Awards, 2020

#3 Ant

Found this dead ant in a water droplet on a leaf.

#4 Asian Ladybeetle Larve

#5 Damselflies

#6 Ant

#7 Lady Bug

#8 Paper Wasp

#9 Lady Bug

#10 Mottled Shieldbug

#11 The Musk Beetle

#12 The European Tree Frog

#13 Dragonfly Wings

#14 House Fly

#15 Jumping Spider With Meal

#16 House Fly

#17 Damselflies

#18 Grasshopper

This grasshopper was covered in sand and little stones. It is very rare, so I don’t have a clue what kind of grasshopper this is.

#19 The Box Tree Moth

The species overwinters as a juvenile cocooned larva (about 5–10 mm long), protected in a hibernarium made of two leaving Buxus leaves solidly joined by silk.

#20 Common Stretch Spider

#21 The Turbo Snail

Added a little motion blur in photoshop to give it a funny look.

#22 Intertidal Spider

This spider scared the hell out of me.

#23 Bush Cricket

Photography – Bored Panda