Collecting their teeth as they’re falling out is a big thing for kids where we live (no, we don’t have the tooth fairy and I’m not sad about it… saves money)

Collecting teeth may sound ghastly, but if you grow up with that custom, you don’t really think about it.

So when my 5-year old came and wanted a personalized tooth box, I couldn’t say no. She wanted unicorns, rainbows and all the glittery, colorful stuff girls usually like…

When choosing the pictures to paint on the box, my 5-year old unfortunately walked in and wanted to chose pictures she likes which ended in a few I honestly wouldn’t have chosen myself, but she loves her box, so who am I to kill her joy!

Now I have to do a second one for my 3-year old – with dragons and dinosaurs (she’s a girl as well, but as much as the elder one hates dinosaurs, the younger one loves them ^_^).

The finished box…

how it looked in the beginning

and from the inside…

…same in colours!

View from the back

View from the bottom

Personalised with her name on top!

A pegasus she chose for the front of the box – I actually like that one a lot, it’s so colourful

the inside – another pegasus. It says “may your life be full of glitter and magic, may your fantasy flourish and let you fly”

Unicorn cat on the back

Unicorn at the bottom…

Yeah, and that’s one of those she chose and likes!

Another one she chose and loves unicorn-mermaid?!?

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