And this is really true. Yana Titkova lives in the small town of Penza in Russia. And all his life, as long as he can remember, he constantly draws. When her son was born, she really wanted to instill this love for creativity and him. In the knowledge of the world, paints and brushes were for him something magical and unreal. And my mother quietly rejoiced at his aspirations for creativity. But after 1.5 years of life, the child completely stopped taking even pencils in his hands.

By the age of 3, he already deliberately said “no”, “I do not want” to draw when asked. By this time, Yana had already participated in international exhibitions and competitions as an abstract artist, exhibited in online galleries, and actively led her creative life in social networks. In order to somehow interest her son, she sat him next to her when she began to paint another picture. Gradually, he also wanted to be involved in the process and he began to ask to take a brush to help. Yana didn’t mind if her son ruined 1 or 2 canvases. But what was her surprise when she saw what interesting color combinations the child has!

He was not just waving the brush in different directions, he really thought through each of his strokes. Of course, the son’s work is not the final result of the painting. But the colors created by him, Yana tried to leave in their original form. Thanks to this experiment, the mother began to spend more time with the child, devote more time to paintings and, no less important, a desire to create and create appeared in the eyes of her son!

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Red bird. Acrylic on canvas with texture 25x35cm

Glow. Acrylic on canvas with texture. 20x20cm

Through space. Acrylic on canvas with texture. 20×30 cm

Light. Acrylic on canvas with texture.20×30 cm

Flare. Acrylic on canvas with texture . 20×20 cm

Fair bird. Acrylic on canvas with texture 25x35cm

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