Hi, my name is Yulia Bernadskaya, I am 35 years old, and I am the mother of two wonderful children: a boy Yegor and a girl Karina. From 2008 to 2016, I worked in the police and rose to the rank of captain. But in 2016, my life turned upside down; I was found to have an incurable autoimmune disease. But at first, they were not treated for it, thinking that it was tuberculosis. They treated me with very toxic chemotherapy drugs for 8 months and aggravated my poor state of health. Now I live with my disease. I appreciate every day of my life. Only now I began to notice how beautiful the world is. Due to the pandemic and the state of my health, I have to live in isolation in the village. Then I started to paint pictures; they bring colors to my life, convey my emotions and love for life. I want to share all this with you. If you like my paintings, I can always draw them for you to order, please contact.

#1 Ara Parrot

#2 Lion

#3 Brazilian Woman

#4 Natalie

#5 African Woman

#6 The Look Of Sadness

#7 Blue Bird Of Hope

#8 Irises

#9 Sunset In Africa

#10 Hortensias

#11 My First Drawing

#12 Second Drawing, Which Gave Me A Little More Confidence To Continue

Art – Bored Panda