I’ve always loved art, especially drawing. I would look at other’s artwork and wish and hope I could do that. The one thing I didn’t do was attempt to try. I took some art classes in high school (for people not in the US, it’s schooling when you are around 14-18) but we weren’t taught how to be creative or just draw. It was usually like paint a landscape, you attempted it and showed up to class you pass kind of stuff. That was about 25-30 years ago.

Then April 2020 comes and just like most of the world, the US is put into some sort of quarantine lockdown. I found out I would be home for at least a couple of months. Due to the nature of my work (I am in law enforcement), what was going on, and my wife’s health conditions I was either really anxious or really depressed a couple of days into the lockdown. Working out was my usual outlet but that is something that can only be done a small part of the day without causing more damage. Then came my awesome beautiful wife.

My wife found a drawing course online. It was one of those where you pay for a year subscription and get access to different artists of every craft you can think of. The website was SkillShare if anyone is interested. She showed me what she did within an hour and was honestly surprised. I decided to give it a shot.

The drawing instructor would give a demo, explain how it was done, and then you would practice. I realized my biggest fear was taking that first step and actually trying. I loved it. I practiced for hours each day just drawing circles, lines, ovals, and other shapes.

I had only been using a pencil at this time and then I found charcoal and my mind was blown. I started watching youtube videos, emailing artists, and just asking people about their techniques.

I showed a friend of mine and she asked me why I wasn’t showing my art online. My response was I’m pretty much a classic introvert and don’t like the center of attention. She explained to me that people need and want to see art with how crappy the world is at that time. I decided to put it up and I am so glad I did.

My main focus now is drawings of mental health whether it is dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders or drawing pictures of people’s animals.

My intent was to never put my art online, but I’m so glad that my wife and friend Sussie urged me on.


More info: jonathanryanart.com

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