During the pandemic, a close friend of mine really needed a warm hug, but I was unable to give this due to the restrictions. Luckily, with these cards, I could still send a cuddle per post, and I hope to enable others to do the same! The Cuddle Cards (Knuffelkaart in Dutch) are designed, drawn, and assembled by hand by Camilla Cecilia in Amsterdam.

I hereby introduce to you the 9 cuddlers! Which one do you like most? Do you miss a certain character?

More info: cuddlecard.com

Elisa would love to wrap her arms around anyone she meets!

Davey is always ready to give a warm hug to someone that needs it


Aisha’s arms are always open to hug someone that deserves it

Monica is a fantastic cuddle

Jonas is always very eager to give anyone a happy hug

Jip loves everyone and would love to cuddle with everybody!

All profit from cards sold starring Wandana will go to the SEWA foundation (sewabharat.org), who are committed to better living conditions for women in India

Grandpa Ben’s favorite activity is giving people warm cuddles.

Auntie Bep can’t wait to hold someone in her arms and give them some love

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