Fantasy Photography gained more and more popularity over the years. I am happy that I started my journey into this world because it’s unique and an expression of myself.

A couple of weeks ago I met with beautiful Sarah(@hippinup) and Lyana (@lyana_ya) on two different days for two different shootings which were both time-limited (they were taken in one hour).

Since time ran short, and I had a bunch of different outfits and headpieces in mind, we were changing in between the locations and hurried to get the most out of the little time we had.

Both these shots are in the same sports in the park, so my challenge was making it look like it wasn’t.

I think my models nailed it.

The idea behind Sarah’s shoot (the model with lighter hair) was she’s a fantasy princess with a somewhat unapproachable side to her.

Lyana (model with dark hair) is of Chinese origin, so I was thinking “Cheongsam” (traditional Chinese dress)!

Lyana also brought a beautiful black one-piece jumpsuit with her which was very high fashion, to break the contrast of that I let her sit in some flowers to give it a bit more of a fantasy- feel to it.

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