Hey! I’m a big whale lover! Are you too? Did you know that people who like whale art or choose it as a tattoo often feel misunderstood and alone, it is difficult for them to express themselves in the outside world. They need ambitious goals and wide horizons in life. The whale is a symbol of intuition, eternity, infinity, calmness, and serenity. I make art dedicated to the whales using any medium: watercolor, acrylic, oil painting. Take a look at the pictures below!

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#1 Pink Whale

#2 Whale And Lighthouse

#3 Whales In The Birch Wood

#4 Whale And Sleeping Fox

#5 Red Treats

#6 Big Journey

#7 Whale And Memories

#8 Reaching The Moon

#9 Reaching The Moon

#10 On The Walk

#11 The Whale

Art – Bored Panda