Hello, Pandas, I have always said that I don’t use photoshop in my wildlife pictures. But I was bored and I thought that it would be fun to contact a photoshopper on Instagram.

On 20/08/2021, I asked Necromechanimal on Instagram to photoshop some of my wildlife pictures and these are the funniest. Scroll down below to check out the latest batch of funny photos for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

I hope you will enjoy it. Peace!

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#1 I’ll Ride Just About Anything

#2 I Can Make Clothes With My Legs Wide Open

#3 Try To Unfollow Me And See What Will Happen

#4 Sorry Shaquill, Squirrels Do It Better!

#5 If I Act Like A Hat Maybe The Dino Won’t Try To Eat Me

#6 Oh Boy, Where Did I Leave My Horse Again?

#7 How Fast Can This Thing Go?

#8 What…Only 25 Likes On My Recent Post? Stupid Instagram Algorithm!

#9 Addercadabra

#10 Got Anything Better Than Worms?

#11 Riding A Yamahahaha

#12 There Goes My Diet

#13 What Do You Think Amanda, Does It Need More Salt And Pepper ?

#14 I Was Gonna Clean My Room Until I Got High

#15 I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire, I Went Down, Down, Down…

#16 Damm This Was Cheap On Amazon

#17 Put A Hotdog In It

#18 Space Jam

Art – Bored Panda