To celebrate the launch of their new state-of-the-art Nova trains, TransPennine Express asked children to draw their own dream trains, then commissioning a series of realistic CGI renders looking at what their trains would look like if they were real!

The goal of the project was to celebrate TransPennine Express’ new launch by bringing a fresh look at what constitutes the ideal train by looking through the eyes of a child. By the time we reach adulthood we want more ordinary things from rail travel such as onboard WiFi, comfortable seats and extra legroom. This project flips this idea, and it’s clear that we may want more after looking at these trains!

To create this project, the team asked for children all over the UK, aged 6 to 12, to draw their “dream train” and asked their parents to write what they wanted on their train and why. The project then moved onto design with the help of designers at This Is Render to create the realistic digital designs you see today.

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#1 The Dance Train (Megan – Age 10, Manchester)

Megan’s Dance Train is certainly where the party’s at and it really shows her love for dance. As you’d expect everything on board is all about tapping your toes to the beat. In the first carriage, you can enjoy a fresh and funky journey with the onboard street dancers, while the second carriage keeps things a bit more classic with ballerinas performing for the passengers. There are disco lights throughout, while the dance-themed food is the perfect accompaniment to this musical masterpiece.

#2 The Unicorn Train (Olivia – Age 4, Manchester)

Now this is a magical and exciting train. Who knew that what the rail network was missing was a Unicorn Train? Well, Olivia did, as that’s just what her dream train is. People will stop in their tracks and gaze in wonder as they see the unicorn horn leading this magnificent train, with its rainbow paintwork. Passengers have room to relax in the front carriage where there’ll also be a toy playroom and space for four legged passengers in the pet area. The magic continues into the eating area found in the fourth carriage where guests can enjoy sausages, burgers and pizza. Olivia has thought of everything with toilets included in the back carriage.

#3 The Under The Sea Train (Hannah – Age 7, Derbyshire)

While trains travel the world far and wide, one place they haven’t yet helped their passengers to discover is the world beneath the ocean. Until now. With Hannah’s Under the Sea Train the deepest depths of the deep dark blue are brought to the rails with a carriage that doubles up as a fish tank and that’s home to crabs, starfish, fish, a dolphin and octopus. The train itself is a multicoloured steam train which pulls the tank along.

#4 The Rollercoaster Train (Jack – Age 10, Manchester)

As if the excitement of stepping on board a train of the future wasn’t enough, Jack’s keeping the adrenaline levels pumping with his Rollercoaster Train. Yes that’s right, Jack’s imagination has run wild and he’s created the world’s first rollercoaster train. He hasn’t stopped there though, as this train also has a hot tub, ball pit and slide in its carriages to keep passengers occupied with fun from start to finish. And if that wasn’t enough, the train itself is aerodynamic and hovers using magnetic waves. What an exciting, futuristic train.

#5 The Rocket Booster Train (Aiden – Age 8, Manchester)

Now this really is a train of the future. Aiden’s dream train is aptly named the Rocket Booster Train. And how do you think you get on to a rocket booster train? A normal door, no, this top-notch train features an outside slide that shoots passengers through the door. As you’d expect a Rocket Booster Train wouldn’t earn its name if it didn’t come complete with rocket boosters on the undercarriage making sure it can hover above the track. It also comes complete with a smiling fire breathing mouth!

#6 The Rabbit Train (Amber – Age 6, Hull)

Rabbits just love carrots don’t they? And Amber just loves rabbits. So why not make her dream train into the Rabbit Carrot train. Amber’s imagination has pictured the entire train as one giant carrot on wheels, with a rabbit conductor at the helm. And, as she said herself, this would be the best train in the world!

#7 The Circus Train (Jaiya – Age 8, Manchester)

Jaiya’s re-imagined the idea of the travelling circus, inspired by The Greatest Showman. The Circus Train is a travelling circus on wheels where the fun never stops. Passengers hopping onboard will make their way through the big top tents. They can expect to be wowed by animals on tightropes, trapeze artists on swings and the main event; the circle of fire. A ride on this train will certainly be fun.

#8 The Flying Express Train (Maisie – Age 5, Newcastle)

This double decker train has two floors of seats accommodating passengers in standard class on the bottom and first class on the top. But the most exciting feature is the big blue wings found on the side of the carriage giving this train the ability to fly. That’s not all folks, with the roof also home to tables, chairs and a swimming pool. And to cope with the weather, there’s also a large canopy protecting passengers.

Art – Bored Panda