BuzzFeed’s food network Tasty launches its popular cookware and kitchenware in the UK this week.

The line of kitchen products aims to bring the fun, ease and accessibility of Tasty’s signature recipe videos to consumers across the UK. The Tasty-branded cookware line includes 115 products, from non-stick cookware to high quality kitchen utensils, accessories and more. Prices range from £2.99 to £99.99 for the full pink set.

Hanna Sheinin, Head of International Licensing at BuzzFeed Inc, says: “Tasty has always made cooking more fun, and there is no better way to prepare delicious recipes at home than with our bright cookware range. We’re extremely proud to bring these products to the UK for a broad audience of beginner and more experienced cooks to enjoy.”

The Tasty cookware line features bright colours that pop in the kitchen, and includes all the tools necessary to prepare Tasty’s iconic recipes. The line includes non-stick aluminium cookware, non-stick metal bakeware, extra large cookie cutters, silicone-head utensils and soft-grip gadgets. The Tasty Kitchen line is used in Tasty videos and was designed and developed with the Tasty fan in mind, as BuzzFeed research shows that two out of three Tasty fans have made a Tasty recipe.

The collection will be available for purchase through the Tasty brand store on Amazon.