No one knows the identity of one of the most well-known and recognized contemporary living artists, Banksy, but anyone can tell apart his work. His paintings are all over the walls in various places in the world. And people are always looking forward to his new appearances intriguing his audience with the mystery of his identity and attracting attention with his original art.

For about a week people were wondering if the new paintings that appeared in some cities in the UK are done by the artist himself or someone copying him. The mistery was unveiled 3 days ago when Banksy posted a video on his Instagram account showing the process of creating the new graffiti.

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#1 On A Sea Wall In Cromer, Norfolk

Image credits: banksy

When the paintings started appearing, people immediately started speculating if the street art belonged to the enigmatic contemporary artist Banksy, who is known all around the world for his satirical and dark-humored topics.

Even though people are very familiar with his distinctive stenciling technique, they still were not convinced who was the author of the new paintings until the artist himself posted a video on his Instagram account showing the process of creating the new art.

#2 Admiralty Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Image credits: banksy

#3 The Seafront At Gorleston, Norfolk

Image credits: banksy

From the video, we get to know the theme of the painting series, which is “A great British spraycation.” Banksy shows that he traveled in a camper with all his paints and spiced up some of the streets in coastal cities in England.

The places Banksy visited are in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Cromer, Norfolk, Lowestoft and Oulton Broad in Suffolk.

#4 Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad, Suffolk

Image credits: banksy

#5 Katwijk Way, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Image credits: banksy

#6 Guanock Place, King’s Lynn

Image credits: banksy

You can hear a woman in the video say that what Banksy has done is mindless vandalism and there are other people who think like that. Because the art is out in public, on the walls of various buildings, and it often is integrated into the surroundings, it tends to be removed or painted over.

The ‘spraycation’ series which just appeared is already being destroyed and several of the paintings are gone. But there are efforts being made to protect Banksy’s art. But maybe the fact that his art is pretty temporary is one of the factors of why the artist is so popular.

#7 The Bottom Of Links Hill, North Beach, Lowestoft

Image credits: banksy

One of the paintings that showed a child flying in an inflatable boat with another child hanging on the edge was covered up because in 2018, three-year-old Ava-May Littleboy actually died when her inflatable trampoline was lifted up by strong winds and that happened not too far from the wall where Banksy placed his graffiti. Also, this painting was not included in the video.

#8 London Road North, Lowestoft

Image credits: banksy

#9 Merrivale Model Village, Great Yarmouth

Image credits: banksy

What do you think of the “Great British Spraycation”? Do you follow Banksy and his work? If you want to see more of the artist’s work, Bored Panda has been a fan for a long time and has numerous articles for you to read. If you click here or here, you will be directed to the most recent ones, so enjoy!

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