Paintings seemingly have infinite meanings, and the interpretation lies in the eye of the beholder. Some beholders’ eyes are different than others, and what they see gives a completely new meaning. One of the people who have this special kind of eyes is Hassan Hassnaoui, who puts captions on various well-known paintings and expresses what he sees in them. It’s as if these paintings were talking in modern times, through one of the most popular mediums in which contemporary couples communicate—messages. And it makes the paintings much more relatable, as sometimes it’s very hard to connect to them in their original form. So much so, that his work is liked by more than 180k followers on Instagram and other social media.

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Image credits: stupidart1

Here’s what the artist commented about his work to Bored Panda: “My name is Hassan Hassnaoui, I am 21 years old and I do art. I am inspired by everyday life that people consider ordinary and small problems that they consider obstacles. My art is simply composed of series of collages that merge between real-life photographs and characters inspired by ancient paintings. I have often collaborated with young Moroccan artists because I consider sharing an art that we all have to practice. Our generation is rich with artists and unique leaders who could change the world if we offered them the requested power.”

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Image credits: stupidart1

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