If there’s a will to tattoo your skin, there’s a way to mess it up. Luckily, even if it doesn’t pan out, you don’t have to wear the disappointment forever. There are a couple of approaches to saving your image. This time, we’ll focus on cover-ups.

They can either completely hide the old design or incorporate some of its elements into the new one, and it’s amazing how big of a difference they can make.

From an alien transforming into a cat to a cross “growing” into a tree, here are some of the best cover-ups we found on the subreddit r/FixedTattoos.

#1 Pikachu

Image credits: DarkStarFTW

#2 Just Wow

Image credits: shaldaya

#3 Flowers Cover Up

Image credits: maryeink

#4 Wow What A Difference

Image credits: butteryuzzies

#5 I Like Both The Before And After Of This Tattoo, But A Well Done Rework Nonetheless

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#6 Mary Who? I Only Love Marge

Image credits: noijonas

#7 Cruci-Fixed

Image credits: retardvark

#8 Got This One Done A While Ago, What Do You Think About This Bad Guy On A Guy’s Leg? Imo It’s An Awesome “Funny” Tattoo Which I Love!

Image credits: ynsein

#9 Alien To Cat

Image credits: sinanyldz_tattooer

#10 Rocket Cover Up

Image credits: fireblade_tattoo

#11 Beautiful Cover Up By Tattooist Muha

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#12 Had Gotten A “Kiwi” Tattoo With My Chihuahua Footprint In It, Great Concept But Horrible Work. Recently Got It Covered By A Wonderful Artist Who Saved The Paw Print And Gave Me A Great Piece Of My Soul Pup

Image credits: stlkersally

#13 Beautifully Executed

Image credits: shaldaya

#14 Cover-Up

Image credits: gorilaink

#15 Amazing Difference

Image credits: shaldaya

#16 Love This Floral Cover Up!

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#17 Before And After My Coverup

Image credits: unphogetable

#18 Blackout-Tattoo Cover Up (Trypophobia Anyone?)

Image credits: OuterInnerMonologue

#19 Cover Up Done By Rodney Eckenberger

Image credits: Back2Beantown

#20 An Amazing Portrait Tattoo Fix

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#21 Zombie Pinocchio

Image credits: micha_h_artwork

#22 Fantastic White Rabbit Rework By Ali Burke At Highwater Gallery, Swansea UK

Image credits: whitestainedwood

#23 Tapado, Cover Up

Image credits: qbostattoo

#24 Little Before & After

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Thought I’d Share My Cover Up Progress. Working With A Great Artist. I Finally Feel Happy When I Look At My Arm!

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Butterflies To Kitties

Image credits: mykolapfefer

#27 Romantic Daisies

Image credits: tattooist_sigak

#28 Really Fun Coverup I Had The Pleasure Of Doing

Image credits: 2.can.sam

#29 Very Pleased With My Cover Up

Image credits: CrowKingZero

#30 Reworking Of My First Tattoo

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 You Can’t Lie, This Is A Good Fix

Image credits: The_Cpt_Hazza

#32 One Of My Favourite Backpiece Cover Up

Image credits: alex_santucci_tattooer

#33 The Bird (Remember Kurt Halsey?) Was Done Back In 2005, And The Little Leaves In 2010. Last Year In 2018, I Decided To Get A Cover Up. The Artist, Jen Tonic Who Is Currently Located In Berlin, Designed The Tattoo. The Poppy Is My State Flower

Image credits: traanne21

#34 From Derp Knight To Dark Knight

Image credits: express_sushi49

#35 Today I Had My Cover Up Done

Image credits: Cursed_Idol

#36 I May No Longer Be An Apple Fanboy, But I’ll Forever Be A Batman/Simpsons Fanboy!

Image credits: RandyTheDwarf

#37 If This Can Be Covered Up Then Anything Can Be

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#38 Coverup

Image credits: artisanal_tattoo

#39 Dinosaur

Image credits: WereAboutToArgue

#40 Peacockblob Transformation Done By Whitney At Boss Tattoos In Yyc

Image credits: m-o-u-se

#41 Ink Blotter Hulk To The Real Hulk

Image credits: twistedup75

#42 I Don’t Really See A Difference

Image credits: hitman56490

#43 Flowers Are Awesome For Fixing Tattoos

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#44 Found An Artist Willing To Work Around My Decade Old Leaking Stick N Poke. Couldn’t Be Happier With This Upgrade!

Image credits: geoproject

#45 Cover Up By Painful Love Tattoo, Berlin, Germany

Image credits: Saalemander

#46 Would Not Have Known This Was A Cover Up

Image credits: dwdwaterdrop

#47 Back Tattoo Cover Up

Image credits: geisontattoo

#48 Bee Cover Up

Image credits: ink_by_erin

#49 Cleaned Up The Trash Polka

Image credits: OuterInnerMonologue

#50 Chrysanthemum & Snake Cover Up

Image credits: JarviaZiva

#51 Not Bad

Image credits: EarthBelowMyFeet

#52 Got My Ex’s Name Covered Up (Got It When I Was 17) And Feel Beautiful Again

Image credits: lexann-braap

#53 It Took 10+ Years To Find An Artist Willing To Tackle This Massive Coverup. Don’t Lose Hope, Y’all

Image credits: MrsMeowsifer

#54 Compass Taking Me No Where Now Takes Me Everywhere

Image credits: crabytree

#55 Cover Up By Scooby At Mystery Ink/Inked Society 13… Take That Tat You Got For Your Ex And Turn It Into Who She Really Is When She Leaves!

Image credits: MysteryInkScooby

#56 I Decided It Was Time To Morph My First Tattoo Into Something New And More Unique. Spot The Harry Potter Reference If You Can!

Image credits: abqualls

#57 Here’s To Hoping This Sub Goes Out Well

Image credits: The_Cpt_Hazza

#58 My Husband Got The Galaga Tattoo On The Left On His 18th Birthday From A Guy Who Did It For Free. The Right Is What It Looks Like Now!

Image credits: shaolinblaze

#59 Beautiful Freehand Cover Up

Image credits: Noi_Cee

#60 Posted On Here A Couple Of Weeks Ago Asking For Suggestions So I Wanted To Post The Coverup

Image credits: c0quine

#61 Before And After. So Happy With My Cover-Up!

Image credits: Bored_Cucumber123

#62 A Year Ago I Posted My Regret. I Finally Got It Covered

Image credits: Ceemer

#63 Before And After, Gave Me Such Confidence To Have This Covered. Didn’t Think It Was Possible With How Black It Was, But God Damn…..it’s Beautiful Now

Image credits: PangolinProblems

#64 Covered Up A Horrible Cube With A Bad Ass Dna Mushroom

Image credits: snowmanthejimmy81

#65 Ta-Da!!! So Immensely Happy With This Cover

Image credits: Captain–Howdy94

#66 This Skull Took Some Serious Skill

Image credits: technologicalPhantom

#67 I Hate Spiders But Man This Is Pretty Impressive

Image credits: technologicalPhantom

#68 Tribal Scull Coverup (2nd Session/Finished)

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 My Recent Forearm Coverup (Black Cockatoo)

Image credits: cobsta2

#70 Girl Who Got Onision (Youtuber’s) Name Tattood While They Were In An Abusive Relationship Finally Got It Covered

Image credits: hamsters-

#71 Update To Previous Post About Abusive Boyfriend – So Happy With How The Cover Up Came Out!

Image credits: hotcheeto15

Art – Bored Panda