Lighting Ideas From the ArtStation Community

On ArtStation Blogs, members of the ArtStation community are sharing their project breakdowns, works in progress, tutorials, and more. These seven posts gathered from ArtStation Blogs authors will shine a light on some of the techniques and tools you can use for lighting in 3D.

Lighting Breakdown

by Arkadiy Demchenko 

Lighting can drastically change the expression of the face, as Arkadiy demonstrates in this project breakdown. Pick up some mood ideas for your own compositions!

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Art Challenge “Lanterns” Technical Breakdown

by Melissa Kumpmann 

Melissa shares how she created these colourful lanterns in Unity with a detailed write up.

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Moving From UE 4.27 to UE 5.0

by Georgi Gavanozov 

With the recent release of Unreal Engine 5, Georgi’s article about lighting across Unreal Engine versions is sure to be a helpful reference.

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Unreal 5 and MetaHuman Portrait Studies

by Guillaume Deschamps-Michel 

Guillaume offers a look at his process for making portraits using UE5 and MetaHuman.

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by Heribert Raab

Heribert Raab‘s post zeroes in on the nuances of water and light behaviour. He highlights the reference photos that helped Heribert achieve realistic 3D lighting.

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Making of Wirt

by Cristian Bolivar 

See how lighting and mood played a key role in bringing Cristian’s fan art project to life.

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How I Render My Models

by Przemek Pulit 

As part of this rendering workflow review, Przemek discusses his process for lighting in 3D using Marmoset Toolbag 4.

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