As the days are getting shorter and colder, we are getting cosy inside and getting into the holiday spirit in the way that we know best – bringing you a selection of 24 best Christmas and holiday fonts. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and browse through these festive and winter fonts and select one or more, it’s the festive season after all, and use them in your greetings cards, party invitations and more.

1. My Dear Santa Christmas Font and Bonus

Introducing the magical font My Dear Santa – a hand painted typeface, created specially for the Christmas Spirit.

This Christmas font helps you design a truly hand-drawn and festive look om any of your typographic projects. Use it to write your own letter to Santa, for festive invitations, cards, DYI holiday projects and more.

2. Snowy Christmas

Happy to introduce the Snowy Christmas collection – a cute script font with a bunch of winter-inspired vector illustrations and pre-designed logos and greeting cards.

The Snowy Christmas font also comes with 106 bonus elements, and 85 Christmas doodles, making it perfect for festive greeting cards, invitations or to decorate your gifts, crafts and more.

3. Happy Holiday Font Collection

Introducing a new handwritten font collection called Happy Holiday.

This holiday font collection includes 19 handwritten and handcrafted fonts, plus two extras typefaces from the Nurture and Euphoria Bounch collections.

4. Magic Winter Script Font Duo & Logos

Magic Winter collection contains a cute script and sans font duo with a bunch of winter inspired vector illustrations and pre-designed logos and greetings, making it the go to Christmas font for all your festive cards, invitations and more.

5. Christop Script Font

Introducing Cristop – a holiday script font with a unique handwriting style.

Just like the name suggest, this is a holiday and Christmas font and can be used on a variety of festive projects like Christmas cards, New Years invitations and many more.

6. Magic Winter Font Trio & Extras

Happy to introduce our latest font trio – Magic Winter, including a script, a sans and a slab font.

The Magic Winter Christmas fonts collection is perfectly suited for festive quotes, invitations, poster, clothing, logos and so much more.

7. Holiday Galore – Hand-Drawn Font Duo With Doodles

Introducing Holiday Galore- a unique hand-drawn holiday font duo.

This holiday font comes with 115 alternates, 260 ligatures and 40 hand drawn doodles making it perfect for all your holiday-themed projects.

8. Moonfrost Script

It wouldn’t be a true holiday font selection without Moonfrost – a freezing effect modern calligraphy font.

Use this holiday font on all your festive designs: greeting cards, Christmas cards, New Years invitations and more.

9. Leaves and Twigs Font Trio and Extras

Get into the holiday spirit with the Leaves and Twigs handwritten font trio, including floral illustrations and lots of bonus goodies.

This lovely holiday font can be used on a bunch of festive designs.

10. Winter Is Coming Font Family

Winter Is Coming is a new playful font family which is inspired by mid-century hand lettering.

This fun Christmas font comes with five different fonts including stylistic alternates, stylistic set, contextual alternate, ornaments and ligatures, plus a bonus graphic set, making it your go-to holiday font for all your festive projects.

11. Glitter – Festive Font with Sparks

Introducing the handwritten sparkling font Glitter – a true holiday font which comes in two styles: Regular and Clean.

Glitter Regular is an elegant, decorative, handwritten font and Glitter Clean is a feminine calligraphy font. Use these holiday fonts together or separate on a multitude of projects: Christmas cards, festive designs, weddings invitations and more.

12. Monday Coldness

Introducing the cute and playful Monday Coldness Typeface.

Inspired by the winter and the festive season, packed with snow illustrations and characters, this will be your holiday font of choice for all your Christmas and New Years greeting cards, invitations and more.

13. Winter Heart

Introducing Winter Heart – handwriting brush font including bonus characters. This lovely winter inspired font will give a fresh look to your logos, magazines, banners and can also be used as a Christams font for all your festive projects.

14. The Northland Combinations + Bonus Logo

The Northland Combinations + Bonus. is a pair of Northland script and Southland sans font that perfectly.

This font is packed with ligatures, alternates, swashes and more, making it the go-to font for a variety of projects, and can also be used as a holiday font for all your festive cards and invitations.

15. Candlebright Blackletter Font

Candlebright is a gothic calligraphy font, with 345 glyphs, with swashes, ligatures, and a set of matching ornaments.

Reminiscing of the old days when you’d write with ink on a scroll by candle light, this would be the perfect vintage holiday font for writing your letters to Santa.

16. The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing is handmade fresh typeface, created with brush and ink.

This fonts will lend itself perfect to a multitude of porjects: quotes, invitations, branding and can also be used as a holiday font for adding a sweet touch to all your festive designs.

17. Soft Notes SVG Blackletter Font

Soft Notes is a feminine blackletter calligraphy font.

Including swashes and splatters, this font is suitable for a variety of projects: postcards and notes, logotypes, social media and can also be used as a holiday font if you’d like to give your festive greeting cards and invitations a romantic feel.

18. Brilliantly – A Stylish Serif

Introducing Brilliantly – a stylish serif packed with many alternates and swashes.

Brilliantly is the holiday font you didn’t know you needed until now. Use it to add a touch of luxury to all your Christmas cards and New Years party invitations.

19. Angel Heart Script

Angel Heart Script is a modern script with handwriting, decorative characters, and dancing baselines.

This versatile font can be used across a variety of projects, and adds will work just as well as a holiday font on your Christmas greeting cards, invitations and more.

20. Lovalina – Elegant Serif Font Family

Just as it’s name suggests Lovalina is an elegant font which can be used on a variety of design projects.

This font will lends itself perfectly as a holiday for and you can use it add a touch of glam to your festive greeting cards and invitations and more.

21. Gorni Typeface

Gorni typeface is a display serif font with a romantic vibe.

The special ligartures, swashes and alternates and open type features make this a truly versatile font include being used as a holiday font for all your holidays season designs.

22. Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose is a project of passion and it’s a hybrid of serif and display fonts,

With over 100 stylised alternatives, it offers an infinite opportunity to customise your designs, and it will be perfect for adding an elegant touch to your designs can also be used as a holiday font for all your festive projects.

23. Adorn

Adorn is a welcoming family of typefaces.

Packed with seven display fonts, four script designs, monograms, ornaments, illustrations, banners, frames, and catchwords, this will be your go to font for a variety or projects.

24. Marygold Font Duo Collection

Pleased to introduce introduce the Marygold Font Duo Collection- a unique blend that brings together a handwritten signature script, elegant serif, design elements, and paper textures.

Count on this font duo to bring double the joy this holiday season and use it for all your festive designs.

25. Farmhouse Christmas Lettering Kit

Introducing Farmhouse Christmas Lettering Kit.

After many requests, we’re bringing your a collection of lettering, Illustrations, and loads of rustic, holiday goodness that should get you covered for all your holiday inspired designs. Use the ready made cards for Christmas cards, apparel, posters, and more.

26. Merry & Bright Holiday Lettering Kit

Merry & Bright Holiday Lettering Kit promises to get you into the festive mood with over 50 hand-lettered quotes, sayings and greetings.

Use these festive cards on all your holiday designs from mugs and tests, to shirts and canvases.

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