Are you in love with the 20s art deco patterns and would like to add this classic trend to all your design projects? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. We’ve collated the most beautiful selection of art deco patterns from some of our most popular art deco collections, to give your design projects that sophisticated, glamorous look reminiscing of the roaring 20s. Inspired by geometric patterns, architecture design and even natural elements, with plenty of black and gold for added glam, these art deco patterns have it all. What are you waiting for? Take a peak and be ready to be transported back to the 20s in true Gatsby style.

1. Contemporary Art Deco Collection

We’re excited to introduce the Contemporary Art Deco Collection, a comprehensive pack influenced by the architecture and decorative art of the Roaring 20s.

Designed to make deco design easy, this collection includes a multitude of authentically illustrated resources such as art deco patterns, frames, textures, and more. Perfect for branding, fabrics, invitations, and more, it’ll give you the tools to to create the desired statement pieces.

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2. 1920 Art Deco Seamless Patterns

Introducing the The 1920 Art Deco Collection – a set of 40 seamless vector art deco patterns.

Each pattern is vector-based and carefully created to make an edge to edge seamless pattern. You can use them for various projects, scale up or down any pattern to get the look you want, change colors and create endless unique variations of these patterns.

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3. The Majestic Art Deco Patterns Collection

Transport yourself back to the 20s with the Gatsby style and the elegant geometric shapes of The Majestic Art Deco Patterns Collection.

In this set you’ll find hundreds of art deco patterns: including 60 black and white patterns, 60 gold and black patterns , 60 white and gold patterns and so much more. This pack has everything you need and more to add that classy 20s art deco trend to all your projects.

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4. Art Deco Geometry Patterns

Introducing Art Deco geometry patterns – a set of beautiful hand drawn collection of art deco patterns, perfect for modern & elegant design. You can use them for any idea: branding projects, fabrics, textile, stationery, packaging, fashion apparel, posters, wrapping paper, invitations, wall art, wallpapers, interior design, printables or just try them as web backgrounds with great results!

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5. Delicate Art Deco Vector Patterns

30 delicate mono-line Art Deco inspired seamless vector patterns for Adobe Illustrator. Give your designs a beautiful luxe vintage touch with these mono-line art deco patterns!

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6. Serendior | Art Deco Font & Seamless Patterns

Inspired by Art Deco movement and its decorative arts that originated in the 1920s, Serendior is formed of Constructivism and Futurism, and the unifying style of Art Deco, The set comes with 12 beautiful art deco patterns made of one vintage solid color, and can be used for a variety of projects.

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7. Geometric Art Deco Patterns V3

Presenting Geometric Art Deco Patterns V3, a set of 11 patterns inspired from geometric classic & architecture design. Designed to be easy to use, tileable and editable – these art deco patterns are great for backgrounds, branding, print projects and much more!

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8. Art Deco Black and Gold Patterns

A tantalizing assortment of 30 high quality black and gold digital patterns in the Art Deco style. From sharply geometric to organic symmetry, this pack of art deco patterns has it all! Each pattern is accented with shimmering faux gold foil.

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9. Geometric Art Deco Patterns

A classy set of 20 art deco seamless patterns. Easy to use, tileable and editable for the design of background, wallpapers, branding and print projects.

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10.Fish Scale Art Deco Patterns

Time for some timeless classic design! Introducing Fish Scale Art Deco Patterns.

In this set you will find 10 patterns, inspired by geometric classic, architecture design, and natural elements – perfect for backgrounds, branding and print projects.

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11. Art Deco Seamless Vector Patterns

A vast collection of geometric patterns inspired by the Art Deco movement and interpreted in a modern up-to-date manner.

These art deco patterns are perfect for giving your designs sophisticated, glamorous look and they are ideal branding projects, packaging, fashion apparel, posters, and more.

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12. Geometric Art Deco Patterns Collection

A classy set of art deco patterns that will lend themselves perfectly to any design project. Use them for background, wallpapers, branding and print projects, packaging, fashion apparel, posters, leaflets and so much more.

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13. Art Deco Invitations and Patterns

Introducing this elegant set of Art Deco Invitations and Patterns to brand your next event!

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or simple dinner party you want to announce, say it in style with these wonderful art deco patterns and invitations.

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14. Asian Deco: Seamless Art Deco Patterns Collection

A collection of 12 Asian inspired Art Deco Patterns, thoughtfully-researched and culturally accurate, yet modern and contemporary in style.

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15. 3D Art Deco Patterns For Photoshop

These 1920s inspired art deco patterns, come in both gold and silver colour schemes. Each pattern tile is high resolution making them perfect for both web and print design projects.

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